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Forced To Leave Something Valuable Behind? Thanks To Airport Mailers, It's On Its Way Home.
  Before 9-11, almost anything would fly. You could board an airplane carrying your uncle's lucky knife or your grandmother's heirloom scissors.

Now, these treasured items often can't get past screening checkpoints-- for good reason.

That's where Airport Mailers comes in. You no longer have to leave your possessions behind. Airport Mailers provides everything you need to mail your item home if it can't get past an airline checkpoint.

Airport Mailers is currently in 28 airports coast-to-coast and growing every day. We're the nation's number-one provider of mail-it-home services for travelers like you.

Visit the TSA web site as you prepare for security before you pack for your trip. It can save you and fellow travelers precious time when you arrive at the airport.
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